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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

5S Kaizen basics, organization method

Every generation needs a revolution - an entrepreneurial revolution

Learning basics of operational excellence  5S

Venturing into a business that consolidates all memorialization products

Every generation needs a revolution - an entrepreneurial revolution

This educator entrepreneur ramped up, levelled up into new business of memorialization, ie memorial plan.  They are into a deal with a life plan company and there is a one year transition period to transfer the assets.

The memorial plan company consolidates the very fragmented but very big memorial business:  about P25 billion.   The memorial park occupies but mere 20% of the total market.  In 2014, the memorial park only sold P500 million worth o plots

Yesterday, we and the chairman of the seller receive the certificate to operate from OIC:


Rizal Philippines
September 27, 2016

Today the Office of Insurance Commission under Commissioner Emmanuel Dooc issued the License to Operate to Destiny Financial Plans and handed the same to Chairman Arsenio Bartolome III.  It took two years for Mr. Bartolome and Mr. Saguinsin to have the license to operate renewed once more.

Destiny Financial Plan Inc. is one of the 14 remaining pre need companies  in the country today (down from 22).  There will be only two competitors in the field:   only Destiny Financial Plan and SPLP.  The latter dominates the market.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

How to plan and execute a crime - the first group activity in Entrep Class

Every generation needs a revolution - an entrepreneurial revolution

Rizal Philippines
September 25, 2016

Image result for planning and executing a crime

This post no longer teaches the subject.  But I recall with fun and laughter the activities the class had, whenever there was class presentation when the activity of presenting how to plan and commit a crime was presented.

The plans were audacious and incredible and they can only hatched in a devils workshop (meaning to say we can be creative when in a hypothetical situation without rules)    However the activity was premised more on moral and ethical grounds.   The entrepreneur in his search for wealth, may attempt something that has crossed the borderline as when De Lorean attempted to save his business by going into illegal drugs

As when a powerful govt official finds nothing wrong in asking the inmates (as alleged) to produce (as what they say in the military) millions to fund the 2016 election campaign.  Well they obeyed and produced.  Only to be double crossed.  

I know that some top PNP before took care of criminals, became their patrons for illegal drugs, hold up and kidnapping, at 5 to 95% sharing (5% for the criminals under care, 95% for the patron) and then when the press is hot, have them the culprits killed and the patron come out the hero.  The lady turned out to be the hero after 19 were removed allegedly out of competition.

But that is inhuman, to get campaign funds from the prisoners or to force prisoners to cough up campaign funds dont you think, and then use the august halls of the govt to defend them?

You first got it in my entrep class, remember that?!